Company policy

At VOONO, we follow high ethical standards: we are mindful of the origins of all of our natural ingredients and we are strictly against product testing on animals. Each VOONO product tells a unique story of its ingredients: after at least five generations, we collect our plants from small fields–harvested twice a year. We at VOONO work hard to bring innovation to our products. We want our products to bring out the best in our customer– not only in body, but in mind and soul.


High-quality ingredients. No artificial preservatives. No secret additives or production methods. These are the main reasons why we feel VOONO offers some of the best products out in the market today.

Our exclusive brand of natural Czech products has been inspired by thousands of years of verified methods for healing the body and spirit. We are proud of our unique, 100% herbal cosmetic line steeped in tradition and history.

VOONO vision

We at VOONO care about: the health of our customers, the planet we live on, and the future generations who will inherit it. We seek to preserve harmony between people and the natural world by creating our products from open and sustainable resources. We are here to make the world a better place free of animal testing and ingredient/production method concealment. VOONO offers simple, clean, and natural products.

We feel that mainstream consumer culture moves in a direction that is detrimental to the environment and the living things within it. Toxins—in water, food, and the products we buy—contribute to many common illnesses within our society. These toxins affect people, animals, and nature. Although a 100% clean life is illusory, we offer a realistic solution that benefits the health of our customers and the environment in which we live.

VOONO adheres to ethics, understands life’s responsibilities, and is actively concerned about a clean world for everyone. We are proud that our customers share these values with us, and we’re thankful for their support in our efforts. Every little thing helps, so join us in harmonizing beauty with nature and making the world a kinder, more pure place.

We support the Endowment Fund Domácí anděl

We provide financial support to patients,
who can not afford remote monitoring in home care.

By supporting the development of assisted life
of patients in a home environment where is no urgent need for hospitalization through remote monitoring.

Organization of training courses
seminars and lectures to ensure the training of healthcare professionals, carers and family members to assist the patient in home care.

Educational activities
and publishing to ensure the dissemination of general awareness of the conditions, advantages, possibilities and benefits of home treatment and remote patient monitoring.

Improved accessibility
of home treatments and telemedicine for patients in the Czech Republic.