How to choose the best henna powder

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How do you know that the henna powder you have chosen is the best on the market? You can identify the best henna according to the following criteria:

High-quality henna

  • high-quality henna can be recognised by the intensity of the dye
  • where and how the henna was stored
  • according to the intensity of the colour of the powder (it is similar to barley and spirulina)
  • your scalp doesn’t itch
  • your hair is not dry
  • the colour reacts within one hour
  • it does not wash out fast
  • it only contains additives like amla, shikakai, reetha, brahma, indigo and other Ayurvedic herbs
  • high-quality henna does not contain any PPD, chemical dyes, peroxide or ammonia
  • your hair should be stronger and with no dandruff
  • when tattooing with lawsonia henna, the tattoo should not itch and the colour should be deep dark brown

Based on our extensive experience, whether with natural or chemical hair colours, we created VOONO henna – a plant-based hair colour. VOONO is committed to ethics, the environment but also to the wishes of many women who used to have weak and damaged hair. VOONO henna has proven itself even with dermatological conditions such as psoriasis, eczema and other skin problems.

But why use henna and simply not other, ordinary hair colours? Ordinary hair colours may contain carcinogenic substances that can damage your body or the nature. Can you even imagine how many chemicals you use every year and how much poison you can absorb through your body during your entire life?