How to dye your hair with henna

The henna dyeing method is practically identical to the regular colour hair dyeing. It is highly important to mention a few points that must to be followed in order to achieve the best possible outcome and quality of hair dyeing. You will need: henna, a thermometer to measure the temperature of henna, a bowl, a brush, foil or a cap, an old towel.


1. You begin by mixing the henna. It is necessary to use exactly 50 °C water with all brown and dark tones. For red tones, the temperature should be 60-90 °C. You will reach the given temperatures by using the special thermometer that will save you from colourful disasters.


2. What consistency should the henna have? Preferably, of a fine yoghurt or denser mustard.


3. And now it is time for the actual hair dyeing. Apply the henna mix evenly, preferably by several layers, so that all of the hair is dyed (you can tie your hair up and gradually untie it).


4. The last point is about the importance of henna’s right conditions for action: it should be kept in warmth, which can be achieved with a cap or a foil. It should not dry up and should have enough time for a thorough coating of the hair.


5. The action time varies depending on the hair type, whether you previously used chemical hair dyes and chemical shampoos containing silicones that usually prevent the fixation of henna on the hair. The period of time is between 45 minutes to 2 hours. We recommend two action hours for a more intense result.