Henna wine red

A deep, authentic Burgundy tone. Our darkest red colour. If you want a striking and full-bodied shade of red, this is the colour for you.

Mix the colouring powder with warm water (60–90 ° C ). Leave in your hair for at least 45 minutes before rinsing. You’ll find detailed instructions within the package. Results will vary depending on your previous hair colour. (3.52 oz)
Completly chemical free
Distinctive shade
Easy to Mix
Lasting Coverage
Wine red
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Reviews 5.0

Henna lawsonia






GLS 1 piece:
1–3 dny

GLS 2 pieces and more:
1–3 dny


Kind to nature
Long-lasting care

Your stories

Jiřina Š.

technician – pc diagnostics, 44

I have been using VOONO henna for four months now. I use the pre-pigmentation Copper tone and then the Soft black one, and let me say that my grey hair is gone. I absolutely recommend it to all women with grey hair. It might look complicated, but it’s truly not.

Tereza H.

Digital marketing manager, 25

After many tests of all kinds of natural dyes, I realized that VOONO is really “vono” (“that’s it”) for my hair. With no other natural brand I did not have a similar experience – color beautifully hold, hair is refined, shiny and flexible. Thanks, VOONO!

Veronika M.

student, 22

I chose VOONO because of dermatological problems. I suffer from psoriasis, and due to chemical dyeing, my problem have extremely aggravated. Since I’ve been using VOONO, my skin has greatly improved. I also can’t say enough good things about their shade of Wine Red, which is really burgundy and not reddish. Thank you.

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