• Mix your own shade
  • Simple application
  • Covers gray hair
  • Suitable for pregnant and nursing women
  • 100% natural
  • Ammonia and peroxide free
  • Vegan

Mix at home by VOONO

Create your own shade! With our product Mix at home by VOONO you can achieve various shades from strawberry blonde to dark brown. The package contains Copper, Indigo and Cassia (3 in 1), which you can mix with each other in different proportions to create your own original shade.

Package contains 3 x 100 g color shades (Copper, Indigo and Cassia), bathing cap, gloves and package insert.

Create a slurry of adequate density. Apply a cream on the forehead and around the hair to avoid unwanted staining. Apply dye mixture to slightly damp washed hair. Wear gloves and cap. Leave the color on your hair for 45 min - 2 h. Then rinse thoroughly with water and wash with natural VOONO shampoo. More information in the package insert.





10% Copper + 90% Cassia

only on blonde or gray hair



10% Indigo + 90% Cassia

only on blond, light or gray hair



lighter: 50% Copper + 50% Cassia

darker: 100% Copper



50% Copper + 50% Indigo



30% Copper + 70% Indigo
create your own shade
mix it
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  • Copper (100 g)

  • Indigo (100 g)

  • Cassia (100 g)

Czech Post:
2–4 days

Kind to nature
Long-lasting care

Your stories

Jiřina Š.

technician – pc diagnostics, 44

I have been using VOONO henna for four months now. I use the pre-pigmentation Copper tone and then the Soft black one, and let me say that my grey hair is gone. I absolutely recommend it to all women with grey hair. It might look complicated, but it’s truly not.

Tereza H.

Digital marketing manager, 25

After many tests of all kinds of natural dyes, I realized that VOONO is really “vono” (“that’s it”) for my hair. With no other natural brand I did not have a similar experience – color beautifully hold, hair is refined, shiny and flexible. Thanks, VOONO!

Veronika M.

student, 22

I chose VOONO because of dermatological problems. I suffer from psoriasis, and due to chemical dyeing, my problem have extremely aggravated. Since I’ve been using VOONO, my skin has greatly improved. I also can’t say enough good things about their shade of Wine Red, which is really burgundy and not reddish. Thank you.

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